It’s about supporting the body so that the body can fix its own problems. It’s all about getting to the ROOT causes of your symptoms and healing THAT STUFF. 

Janet Teaches:

THE ART OF HEALING FROM WITHIN:    Addressing the emotional, physical, and spirit components to your sickness.



HOW TO READ YOUR OWN BODY:  Your body is talking to YOU. Learn what it’s saying.


HOW TO ALIGN WITH NATURAL UNIVERSAL LAWS OF HEALTH: Once you know what they are, you can live a higher law, reverse the aging and disease process and regain health and vitality.


THE NATURAL AND PHYSICAL LAWS OF SPONTANEOUS HEALING START WITH THE IMMUNE SYSTEM:   Learn to boost this powerful system so your body can fix its own problems.


 THE NATURAL LAWS OF THE MIND AND SPIRIT: This starts with healing emotional components to why you are sick. You can change unhealthy belief patterns and mental programming or conditioning that is contributing to your lack of good health.


 TOOLS:   There are hundreds of ways to use laws of spontaneous healing to change your health drastically. I have hundreds of ways to support the body’s ability to heal you and fix what has been broken for a long time. My tools, tips, exercises, recipes, natural remedies, and energy healing techniques will change your life. The body is hardwired to fix itself as long as the conditions of spontaneous healing are satisfied.



I teach you how to do this stuff yourself so you no longer have to be a victim to your own body, a slave to outside sources or the lifeless bystander who looks on as life passes you by. I teach you how to study and listen to and respond to your own issues all the way to the core. You’ll learn to identify, resolve, and change these root issues so that you can support your body’s intelligent immune functions and begin restoring vitality, energy and strength and finally put this enslaving illness behind you for good.


Who Is This For?

This system of healing from within is excellent for:

Anxiety / Depression

Chronic Degenerative Diseases

Auto Immune Illness

Life Threatening Illness

Limiting Belief Systems and Patterns

Abundance Coaching

Self Esteem Issues


We teach you how to become aware of what your body is trying to tell you and what these symptoms say about you so that you can clear those old patterns and move forward with a more positive momentum so you can live your life.


The time you spend sick, you don’t get back but some diseases can be reversed and you CAN reclaim your health. DON’T SPEND ANOTHER DAY SUFFERING!

(coming from someone who spent literally 2 decades unavailable to my family and unable to pursue my dreams because my health was holding me back)




Everything is Energy   EVERYTHING!! The unfolding of our life story shows up first energetically and then physically.  Change your Energy, you change your life.




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