About Me



My Name is Janet Thurgood. I’ve had my share of experiences with health struggles in my lifetime.  I never really bought into the Medical Model and found their guinea pig approach to guessing what was wrong with me and experimenting to see what medication might work highly insulting and even more expensive.


I created this page for those who are looking for a new way to support their body, transform ailments and step into a place of power when it comes to their health. I teach people to take a more proactive approach to their well being by learning to align with LAWS of HEALTH!


This restorative approach saved my life.


My own personal quest for good health has been long and frustrating until I discovered some powerful principles that really changed my life……well, saved my life actually. I have been able to move the energies under my own chronic fatigue, gluten intolerance and allergies, chronic joint pain, bone pain, migraines, and a weakened immune function and now I no longer experience those things.


I started out my marriage at the age of 19 and spent the next 25 years tired, sick and in chronic pain. Those symptoms didn’t take long to develop into anxiety and depression. I pushed on with brute force, had 6 kids, ran a full time business, and tried to fit into my community and be like all the other moms (which I later came to learn were struggling as well). I put on a happy face and continued to ignore what my body was saying. I swallowed my feelings and made the best of my situation always wondering what was wrong with me and why I couldn’t think clearly or why I could barely function most days. Doctors didn’t know what to do with me. They would throw their arms up and slap a label on there such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus, or Auto Immune Disease.


Since then, I have come to know that it really doesn’t matter what you call it, the body speaks and wants to get your attention. When the symptoms show up in the body, they actually map out a story that provides some pretty powerful information about you and what you’ve been through as well as how well you’ve been taught to process the stresses of life.  Some of this information is caused by emotional dramas and traumas and some of it from environmental toxicity or pathology. Either way, the laws of health cover that.


No one ever taught me that the body was hardwired to fix it’s own problems and spontaneously heal itself, but somewhere always in the back of my mind, I knew. I just didn’t fully understand what all that entailed and that I could actually help satisfy these conditions of healing myself.


In the summer of 2009, I had a couple of near death experiences as a result of adrenal failure and severe fatigue. Doctors guessed it was Addison’s Disease or Hashimoto’s Disease (both auto immune conditions). As a result of leaving my body for a time and stepping into another dimension of consciousness, I had a miraculous awakening experience that I won’t expound on here, but that led me into the study of quantum physics, epigenetics, quantum healing, energetic medicine and restorative medicine. This study saved my life.


I hired a healing coach to help me navigate through my mess and now I make it my message. I can honestly say now that as I approach my 50’s I feel better than I did in my 20’s. I feel like I’m aging backward.



Since most sicknesses have deep emotional components, one of the greatest benefits to these healing arts are that we become people who no longer require that problem because energetically and emotionally we have transformed. For those who engage, it can be life changing. I really love working with people and seeing them evolve.


With that said, I also teach people how to align with universal and physical laws of healing. Through changing lifestyle and adjusting to what the body is calling out for, you can change your life. These laws are absolute and to the degree that a person is willing to align with laws of health will be to the same degree that they experience good health and reversed aging.
Over the years I’ve put hundreds of hours into the study of various healing modalities. I’ve coached people in nutrition and herbal remedies. I’ve used massage techniques to help people unload stress. In 2010 I started working with people using Emotional Release Techniques. In combining the principles of Nutrition, Herbs and Oils, Reiki, Emotional Release, EFT, Massage Therapy and Quantum Energy Healing, miraculous things started to happen. As people really begin to engage in the universal LAWS of health, they see results that are most times permanent and in many cases, immediate. I now operate a full time practice and see clients via skype over the phone and in person and it is my absolute privilege to coach and facilitate people in the process of empowering their own healing.


The effects of this happen on a Quantum level right down to the tiniest particle in the body. Change your energy and you really do change your life. Move the energy and you are no longer a person who requires that problem or symptom anymore.


My mission is to help as many people as possible to grow and transform their lives and move all of the garbage that weighs them down out of the way so they can live without feeling so stuck. I live to see people transform from sick to empowered, helpless to powerful. When a person finds this in themselves, they live without sickness and pain. They become fearless instead of victims and they move forward in a very bold way contributing greatly to the human family. We are all energetically connected into one universal field. By helping as many people as I can I contribute to that universal energy that we all partake in and share.


If you are reading this and at the end of your rope physically, emotionally or spiritually, I would love to work with you and show you that when you really connect with what is going on inside, there is hope, there is help, and the power lies inside of you. Let me show you how.