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~I was in a car accident several years ago, my mother and oldest son were killed in the crash, my younger son suffered & I suffered injuries and very emotionally scarred. Fast forward 12 years…We had booked a holiday to Cuba and I have never been on an airplane before, I was ready to back out of my trip when Janet mentioned that she could help me. She spent a good hour with me on the phone and the oddest things where happening. I could physically feel things happening to my body and as I described them to Janet more and more things started to make sense. There was more going on than just the fear of flying. The only thing that I can explain is it was like an appointment with a psychologist without telling them anything about you! She also explained to me that I didn’t even have to tell her what was happening inside my own mind. She was just making my body and mind correct itself. When we were done our session (a week before I flew out) Without any hesitation I woke up and boarded the plane. It was just such an amazing experience, one I might have missed out on if I didn’t speak with Janet. I really enjoyed learning more about what was happening to me. I would go back to Janet in a heart beat ~ Lara Anderson

Thanks Janet


Thank you so much for helping me today! Holy cow! I can’t believe what a 180° turn around my spirit took this past week. I felt like I was in a sea of water with just my mouth barely above the surface trying to breathe in air. Thank you!!! This resonates with me and feels good. I get that “high” and it is when you feel good that the magic happens. When I started going thru my divorce 3 years ago, I had a ton overwhelming life experiences of lots of death in the family, cancer scares, health issues w/kids something shut down in me…that was not a good thing. Some sort of stress took over and it got too much for me to handle. People don’t understand and I did’t know how to explain it, (so I just didn’t:) But I couldn’t have meditated or gone deep inside myself or manifested anything (intentionally) if my life depended on it. It was all I could do to keep my head above water. Working full time and being a mom took a TON of effort, but I HAD to do those things. The entire time (past 3 years) I went to energy healers constantly just to keep my sanity and to keep alive!! And I HAD ALL THE TOOLS to do it myself too, but just couldn’t. I knew that stuff!!! It was all too difficult. I tell you that because I had no idea a person could shut down part of themselves like that. It was such an eye opener for me and gave me such a deeper understanding to why some people are the way they are. When I would see someone like that in the past, I would just think “Well change your thoughts a little and maybe you’ll get out of your rut…um…hello!!!???”. ….But had no idea what trauma does to your spirit and your mentality. I haven’t felt “snapped” out of that, not just “snapped out” but deep healing from the inside; since the very first session with you. I knew you could teach me how to heal and tell me again what my spirit needed to know, so that my body could follow suite. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Annette Wynn



Laura C Testimonial





So u were right energy does change your life! Since I’ve started learning about energy healing I’m off some of my meds
-Laura C.



I must say I am (or was….soon to be again) good at manifesting things.  The divorce threw me for a loop and for the past 3 yrs its been one thing after another….so I haven’t done so hot the past 3 yrs, but I feel back on track again to the point I can start meditating and manifesting again. When I was first learning about manifesting, I wrote a blank check out to myself for $32,600….I just made it a weird number (but believable) I had NO idea how I was gonna get this money, but I knew it wasn’t my job to worry about the details, that was the Universe’s job! My x-husband would make fun of me for my vision boards & the check so I was little embarrassed about it sometimes.. At one point he had made me feel so discouraged (and a little humiliated) that I took the check down and ripped it up. I was embarrassed! BUT it was too late for me….the universe had already gone into action and was bringing me that check. Not knowing I was going to volunteer for the lay-off at work when I did all this (about 2 months total time) when I got laid off my payout was exactly $32,700!!! ONE HUNDRED dollars more than what I had asked for! This is magic! So thankful for the knowledge. Two Sundays ago, I felt the strength to start manifesting again, so during church I made my list! I’m starting again. I love it! Thank you for all of your support and help.. I love you so much and appreciate you. You are definitely God’s tool and you bless so many lives with your gift!!
-A.I. W.